What do you need to set up a company in Ba Vi?

What do you need to set up a company in Ba Vi? The question of tens of thousands of startups who are wondering before proceeding to  establish a company. What does it take to open a company to run a business is not easy. In addition to the business idea you have available, the legal procedures,  how to set up a company in Ba Vi need anything you also have to learn.

Although administrative procedures are increasingly simplified by the authorities. However, if you are not knowledgeable about the current law, you will face many difficulties in the process of business registration as well as operating a business later.

Preparing to name the company

– You must determine the name of the company you want to establish. The company name written in Vietnamese can be accompanied by numbers and symbols, must be pronounceable and have at least two elements: type of business and proper name. It is also very important that your company name must be written or attached at the head office, branch, representative office of the business. The name of the company must not be identical or confusing with previously registered businesses.

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– The name of the enterprise written in a foreign language is the name translated from the name in Vietnamese into the corresponding foreign language. When translating into a foreign language, the enterprise’s proper name may remain the same or be translated in the corresponding sense into a foreign language.

What are the requirements for setting up a company in Ba Vi?

First, publish business registration information on the electronic portal

Within 30 days from the issuance of the business registration license, the companies need to publish the business registration content on the national portal. Failure to do so will result in the company being fined.

Second, engrave and publish your company’s seal

When establishing a construction company, the company needs its own seal, the quantity and form will be decided by the business. The seal must have the full name of the company, the business code, and when finished, it must be announced on the national portal.

Third, contribute capital to the construction company as committed

As a conditional business line, however, the construction industry only has a law that requires certificates and degrees of businesses and individuals with important positions, but there are no regulations on company establishment charters. at Ba Vi

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Advantages and disadvantages of setting up a company in Ba Vi


– The number of employees is not limited.
– Compared to household businesses, the company will have a larger scale in terms of business locations, lines of business, capital and be allowed to export, import, and carry out other business with conditions that must be an enterprise in order to proceed. business practice.
– Easy to get loan support.
– Greater competitiveness than business individuals.

Difficult point:

The company has to carry out relatively complicated procedures such as tax reporting, financial statements, making accounting books, paying quarterly tax, annual license tax as prescribed, if this job does not have a department. If you are in charge of the profession, you can’t do it, you can refer to the package accounting service here
Place of application, time to process dossier and fee:
– The business registration office under the Department of Investment and Planning is the place to receive documents and handle requests to establish a company in Ba Vi.


If customers still have problems related to company establishment in Ba Vi need anything as well as related documents and legal procedures, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and contact us immediately.

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